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  1. Hi Adonis, I just got a new camera (Lumix GM1) and for the last year I was really inspired by yout magnificent timelaps work. Your generosity in describing in detail your technique has really allowed me to touch the ground running as far as creating my own first timelaps with success. I currently use the GM1 at full resolution (4592 by 3448) to create a 4K resolution timelaps with Vegas Pro 12 at 29.970 fps. My next goal will be to create 3D timelaps with converted MPO file format. One the shortcomings of using this very compact camera is the short battery life, rated at 230 shots per charge. But on my first test, I was able to do a 300 shots timelaps, followed by a 100 shot timelaps before the battery dropped to 50% charge. So I might get additionnal batteries. So thanks again Adonis for sharing your knowledge and for being such a good teacher. Your work is an inspiration.

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